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Be thrilled and fascinated with the wonderful sites of the Arabian Gulf with Musandam Trip.  See the elegance and prestige of the Hajar Mountain while sailing in Musandam Kasab.  These things created by nature enable anyone to more than appreciate the beauty of Middle East. 
The Musandam Trip shows the wonderful view of cliffs and some of the peaks that are found by the sea sailing all the way to Ruus Al Jibal.  Fill not only your eyes but even your mouth with the buffet dish on this tour.  The cuisine provided is designed to give sumptuous meal for everyone.  International meals are provided inclusive of same tasteful refreshments.  Enjoy some fun activities on your Musandam Trip because of the additional activities you will definitely want to try such as swimming, dolphin watching, and even snorkelling.  There are two choices on the pick up for people interested.  It can be in Shrjah or in Dubai.  Sail to the bluest of the sea and see the marvellous view.  Do not forget to bring some documents required before joining Musandam Trip. .



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